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Our new eye centre is here for children, teenagers and adults who need Specialist eye care. We are focused on making care accessible in the community, and have team of experienced staff who make this possible. So while an Eye Surgeon (Dr Antony Bedggood) forms a key part of our service we don't stop there. We also have an experienced optometrist, Catherine Small, specialised in Children's eyecare and who has an interest in glaucoma. Lora Parsons provides Orthoptist care, Marie manages the myopia clinic and complex eye screening. Sue, Emma, Jazz and Rachel fit and help with glasses, and screen for eye problems.


We have a team dedicated to looking after children's eye care:

  • Specialist assessment and treatment
  • Management of Strabismus ('Squint')
  • Glasses & contact lenses
  • Progressive myopia management
  • Screening for early childhood eye problems



Dr Antony Bedggood, Eye Specialist & Children's Eye Surgeon

Antony was born in Christchurch, his 1st primary school was Christchurch East when he lived on Hereford st with his mum and dad, not far from our new eye centre on Ferry rd. They then lived in Hoon Hay and Rowley where Antony went to Spreydon primary, Manning Intermediate and Hillmorton High School before going to University of Canterbury, and then to Otago Medical School to study medicine.

I spent a decent amount of time inside hospitals as a child, where I went with my mum, who needed frequent blood transfusions. Vivid memories of watching her having radiotherapy for cancer are in my mind as if it was yesterday. I can see the marks the medical team placed on her to guide the beam positioning, and watching the radiation being given. This is without any doubt the reason I wanted to be involved in medicine. And when I encountered Jesus, the most caring healer, as a 16 year old, I don't think I could ever do anything but want to join that journey. So with my childhood memories of zooming around Riverside block in a wheelchair, going up and down the lifts, I sometimes get an odd sense of deja vu when I go there to look after children.

Medicine is a long haul, becoming a surgeon a little longer. I'm so grateful to be able to spend my life focusing on providing specialist care for children and families. 6 years of medical school and junior doctor work, 3 to 4 years in Wellington training as an eye surgeon, time back in Christchurch expanding those skills and then a year in Brisbane gaining the very special approach needed to provide subspecialty care to children has taught me how to do my job well, and a lot of life lessons. We had 4 children during that time and my wife who is a very patient GP became pregnant with our 5th in the heat in Aus. Even more since coming back home I've learnt so much from all the children and families I've had the privilege of caring for.

So, why a new eye centre now? Life is busy with a family of teenagers, university students and 2 working doctors, not to mention 32 hours a week at CDHB providing a tertiary Paediatric Ophthalmology service as well as being the only subspecialty trained strabismus surgeon, and providing complex neuro-ophthalmic disease.

I think we've worked hard in the last 10 years to build something quite unique in Christchurch. I don't think anyone else in New Zealand offers a predominantly Paediatric community based eye service, and we can benefit the families of Christchurch hugely. We simply outgrew the Children's Specialist Centre - but will always be grateful to our colleagues there for journeying with us and letting our skilled team grow! Come and see us, your children's eyesight is our passion, and we are here for every family from any part of town.


Surgery: Cataract (adult and children), Strabismus (squints), general eye problems.

Sub-Specialty Paediatric Eye care: Free assessment for families/children with a Community Services Card < age 15

Children's Optometry: Catherine Small BOptom, skilled assessment, glasses and contact lens care
B4 school test assessment: follow-up screening or appointments for preschoolers identified with possible eye issues
iScreen: a free & accurate technician screening test, from 6 months of age to 4 years
Myopia care: assessment of children with myopia to detect & treat rapid progression
Glasses: for children from birth to 8 years old. New Zealand made, with 1 to 2 year frame warranties included.

Our new Eye Centre is at Unit 15, 211 Ferry Rd, on a bus route and cycle lane, with plenty of free on-site parking in the complex our practice is part of. Look out for 'Uprising', which is next to us.

Opening hours 9am to 4:30

Bookings made by phone & GP referral. Our walk in service for screening in children aged from 6 months doesn't need an appointment, nor does our new free adult glaucoma check - but please don't come on Monday for those as a very busy children's eye clinic runs that day.

We are pretty unique, certainly not an Optometrist store, but not just a Specialist's rooms either. We can cater for anyone's needs, with our goals being:

  • High quality Paediatric Ophthalmology & Optometry treatment
  • Remove barriers to care
  • No charge for assessments when parent or child has a Community Services card*
  • Reliable, affordable glasses for young children (often no charge for Card holders)
  • A positive experience for both child and parent

*Available to Children < 16 years old, valid card. Covers all assessments and most follow-up